SFCA Enforcement is Here. Be Prepared for The Biggest Changes to Food Regulation in decades!

The rollout of the NEW Safe Food for Canadians Regulations came into effect January 2019. You must be ready to implement the requirements or face penalties. Find out what enforcement will look like direct from the CFIA, FDA, and industry leaders at the biggest event of it’s kind in Canada. Hear from Hershey, Loblaw, Nestle, Bayer, David’s Tea and Sobey.

Take away key insights to:

  • Navigate SFCR implementation
  • Implement the new nutrition labeling regulations
  • Understand the legal standpoint on cannabis, edibles and topicals
  • Use emerging technologies like block chain
  • Fine-tune your supplier verification transparency
  • Manage compliance with fewer resources
  • Comply with restrictions on the commercial marketing to kids

Food regulations are being revolutionized! Be prepared for your next audit under the new rules. Register today

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