Ensure you are ready for the new era of food regulation

Changes are coming to the Nutrition Facts Table and Front-of-pack labelling, and previously unregistered sectors will be forced to comply. Plus, the definition of organic, rules governing animal feed and transport, and import/export requirements are changing. Be prepared!

Source 10 Actionable Ideas to Prepare your Business:

  1. 3 Labelling Initiatives: Clarify how the changes impact you
  2. SFCA & FSMA: Understand their similarities and differences
  3. Natural Health Products: CFIA guidance on what ‘natural’ means
  4. Previously Unregistered Sectors: Get ready for compliance
  5. Organics Definition: Discover how ‘organic’ will be defined in the future
  6. Traceability: Work with your suppliers to meet standards requirements
  7. Consumer Education: Help customers interpret new labelling information
  8. Import/Export: Overcome barriers to growth
  9. Certification: Get certified to improve your compliance
  10. Animal Feed & Transport: Future regulations governing your supply chain

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