Ensure you are ready for the new era of food regulation

Change is already here! Build up your toolbox with strategies to assess the impact of the SFC regulatory roll out. Nutritional Research guidelines and Front-of-pack labelling are in focus and are getting trickier with updated regulatory guidelines. Plus, ensure integrity of your organic, rules governing Nutritional Research, and effects of global trade on import/export requirements are changing. Be prepared!

Source Actionable Ideas to Prepare your Business for the Regulatory Landscape:

  1. SFCA & FSMA: Understand their similarities and differences
  2. Labelling Initiatives: Clarify how labeling changes impact you
  3. Previously Unregistered Sectors: Reduce the risk on non-compliance
  4. Organics: Ensure the integrity of your organics under the new regulations
  5. Traceability: Work with your suppliers to meet new traceability & documentation requirements
  6. Consumer Education: Incorporate Nutritional Research within regulatory guidelines
  7. Import/Export: Anticipate the Impact Global Trade & overcome barriers to growth

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