Ensure you are ready for the new era of food regulation

Download the 2018 brochure to see the ideas we explored to help your business prepare for the Regulatory Landscape.

Source Actionable Ideas to Prepare your Business for the Regulatory Landscape:

  1. SFCA & FSMA: Navigate the differences and stages of implementation
  2. International Trade: Understand the impact
  3. Front-of-Pack Labelling: Find your solution
  4. Export: Manage compliance in other jurisdictions
  5. Federal/Provincial Food Safety Regulations: Understand the differences and similarities
  6. Small Business and Start-ups: Manage compliance with fewer resources
  7. Sustainability: Discover why you should adopt sustainability as your foundation for success
  8. On-Farm Food Safety: Understand the initiatives primary producers have adopted
  9. Marketing and Communication: Develop your strategies for conveying nutritional benefits and for recalls
  10. Innovation and the Future of Food: Discover the future drivers of industry

This year’s agenda is almost complete – check back soon!