Ian Muir McNally

Founder & CEO

Ian is responsible for strategically directing MUIR Energy’s growth. He applies simplicity, focus and unusual thinking to each key decision he makes.

When not working, Ian reads, runs, swims, plays the piano, cooks with his wife, and walks his dogs, Henri and Sylvie.

Ian studied mathematics and physics (BS), and mechanical engineering (MS) at UCLA. He studied classical piano at the Colburn School in Los Angeles.


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Day 1: Oct 26, 2021

Day 2: Oct 27, 2021

1:00 pm

1:00 pm


Empowering Smaller Organizations to Meet Regulatory Requirements with Fewer Resources

Small food and beverage manufacturers have the added pressure of meeting compliance requirements with limited resources. Despite this, many manage to not only innovate and deliver product quality, but also meet all necessary regulations. Leverage their lessons learned to:

  • Determine when to enlist a co-packer and when to move packing in-house — and understand how this impacts regulations.
  • Maximize the talent of smaller teams with less specialized knowledge but fresh ideas.
  • Develop low-cost and efficient regulatory processes.
  • Build a business that is both environmentally and financially sustainable.

Source new solutions to meet your compliance requirements with limited resources.