Dr. Angela Tellez

Risk Analysis and Food Safety Expert

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Day 1: Nov 17, 2020

12:00 pm

12:00 pm

Panel Discussion

Build a Culture of Food Safety in Your Company to Minimize Risks

Food manufacturers face the same economic pressures as those in other sectors. They also have unique issues that defy a strict adherence to the bottom line, which requires a different mentality to tackle successfully, especially at the time of the pandemic. Set your company on the path to establishing a culture of food safety by:

  • Understanding the different mentality that the most successful companies have adopted as the foundation of their food safety culture
  • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of a failed Food Safety Management System (FSMS)
  • Learning from real examples of success and failure based on the presence or absence of food safety culture

Master the success factor of the most successful companies and establish a culture of food safety.

Day 2: Nov 18, 2020

Day 3: Nov 19, 2020