1. Gain direct insight from Health Canada, the CFIA and FDA
    To comply, you need to understand what the regulators are looking for. This is the only conference to include six regulators, to help you prepare for compliance with the new regulations.
  2. Discover how food companies from across the industry are preparing their compliance strategies
    Nine food companies will share their plans for compliance. Tap into their expert knowledge to improve your processes and plan for changes to the regulatory landscape.

  3. The only conference of it’s kind in Canada
    No other food regulatory conference in Canada has this depth of industry speakers.
    The conference features interactive sessions, tabletop exercises, panel discussions, and case studies. Meet your peers and overcome the barriers to compliance that you face!
  4. Prepare for the regulatory overhaul – from farm to fork
    This is the only conference that showcases all aspects of the food sector, with over 10 sub-sectors of the industry represented on the program. Ensure you understand the impact of changes to the Organic and Natural Products definitions, transportation and labelling on your processes.
  5. Practical advice for small and large food companies
    No matter whether you are from a small food producer or the largest one in Canada, this event is for you. With speakers from small, medium and large organizations, you can find out how your peers are preparing for changes in the regulations.



Join thought leaders, experts and professionals from across North America at this unique event.

Food Manufacturers, Chain Restaurants, Wholesalers & Grocery Retailers

VPs, Managers, and Directors | Food Safety | Government Relations | Industry Relations | Labeling | Nutrition | Operations | Quality Assurance | Product Development | Public Affairs | Risk Management | Scientific Affairs | Supply Chain, Procurement, and Trade Compliance

Government Regulatory Agencies

VPs, Managers, and Directors | Food Safety | Industry Relations | Labeling | Nutrition | Operations | Public Health | Public Policy | Risk Management | Scientific Affairs | Sustainability

Auditors, Standards & Consultants

VPs, Managers, Directors, and Independent Consultants | Corporate Development | Marketing | Operations | Sales