1. Gain direct insight from Health Canada, the CFIA and FDA
    To comply, you need to understand what the regulators are looking for. This is the only conference to include six regulators, to help you prepare for compliance with the new regulations.
  2. Learn from industry leaders how to navigate the new North American regulatory landscape
    If you want your business to join the ranks of successful companies that do business in both the U.S. and Canada, you will need to know where the differences and similarities are in their new regulatory regimes. Learn what outstanding issues are yet to be resolved and how implementation is being rolled-out.
  3. Benefit from interactive sessions to solve two of the thorniest problems; Front-of-pack labelling and developing effective communication for recalls
    Take your problems on these two key topics to these sessions and get the benefit of many minds focussing on solutions. Collaborate with your peers and take away ideas you can use.
  4. Discover the substance of discussions taking place between the federal and provincial governments on food safety regulations
    If you are a small or mid-sized company you have likely experienced some confusion over which set of regulations will apply to your operation and whether you even need to comply with both. Hear about current discussions taking place to better coordinate both levels of regulation.
  5. The food sector is changing fast. More demand from increasing populations, globalization and innovation are all transforming this industry from farm to fork
    Learn what new trends are already starting to emerge and what else is on the horizon. Can we afford to avoid GM foods forever and solve world hunger? Innovation is a certainty. The success of your business may not be if you don’t see what’s coming.



Join thought leaders, experts and professionals from across North America at this unique event.

Food Manufacturers, Chain Restaurants, Wholesalers & Grocery Retailers

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Government Regulatory Agencies

VPs, Managers, and Directors | Food Safety | Industry Relations | Labeling | Nutrition | Operations | Public Health | Public Policy | Risk Management | Scientific Affairs | Sustainability

Auditors, Standards & Consultants

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